Spring 2020 Commencement

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You were princess since the day you entered the world. You held your head high, smiled all the time and made everything beautiful. I’m so happy to see you continue to do just that. You make everything better, never stop giving all you got. Keep your head high, Keep sharing that infectious smile, And Continue to make everything you touch  Beautiful! Uncle Loves You!
- Eric Parker

TO: Meagan Bouldin:
I'm so proud of you and all of your hard work! I love you!
FROM: Michael

TO: Brianna Bonner
We are so proud of you Bre and we love you! Congratulations!! Class of 2020 👩🏽‍🎓
FROM: Olivia White

Congratulations! Enjoy your day of a well earned and deserved celebration!
FROM: J Chandler

TO: Clifton Hayes
Congratulations Clifton!! You have reached a huge milestone in your life. We are so very proud of you and the many things you have accomplished. You are destined to do great things. Love, Dad, Tabitha, Grandmother and Bernita

TO: Clifton Hayes
Clifton Bernard Hayes III, Prayers and blessings on your graduation and for your future best wishes, from Sharonda!!!

TO: Clifton Hayes
Way to go Clifton Bernard Hayes III! Love, Sheena and Keyara

TO: Clifton Hayes
Congratulations Clifton Bernard Hayes III! We are so proud of you and we love you. Love, Mary and Jessie

TO: FeAundra Walker
We are so proud of you! You will do great things with lots of faith and determination. Reach high sweet cousin!
FROM: Marnice Smith & Family

TO: Latazia Townsend
My friend, you are such a hard worker I have no doubt you will succeed at whatever you set your mind to. I am so proud of you. You inspire me to be a better person.
Love, Sandra.

TO: Latazia Townsend
So proud of you! You’re really thriving now! 
FROM: Ana Kozlowski

TO: Latazia Townsend
Congratulations La'Tazia, I'm So Godly Proud of You as you journey on in the Future always Remember this passage of Scripture and write it on the Tablets of your HEART: Philippians 4:16 For When I was in Thessalonica, you sent me aid more than once when I was in need. 
I Love you, My Beautiful BabyDaughter. Momma♥️

TO: Latazia Townsend
I  am proud of the woman you have become and this is a major accomplishment. I’m happy to see you complete this journey.
FROM: Terrez D. Cotton

I wanted to express a hearty congratulation to the Drake State class of 2020.  Your perseverance and commitment to your education are a testament to your strength, and it has not gone unnoticed. Your fortitude demonstrated as a student will also be reflected in your career. I look forward to hearing about your post graduate goals, and I am here to serve you.          
FROM: Karen Ray, Drake State Community & Technical College Coordinator of Placement and Apprenticeships

TO: Feaundra Walker
Congratulations Feaundra Walker on your graduation! We are so proud of you! May God continue to bless you on your journey. Love Keith, Sonya, Brianna and Jalen Luter                  

You have completed this journey and now are ready to begin the next. May your steps be guided by a never ending curiosity and desire to learn. May your words and actions be kind. And, just as you celebrate the uniqueness of you, may you celebrate the uniqueness of each individual you encounter on your next journey. It begins today!
Sincerely, Pamela Laut, RN, Drake State Community & Technical College Nursing Instructor

TO: Feaundra Walker
We’re so proud of everything you’ve achieved this school year. It wasn’t always easy, but you worked hard and maintained a good attitude. Your determination and positive outlook will get you far.  We love you! Mom & Dad

TO: Lashanna Turner and Andrea Berry
The WEDC Foundation is so proud of our two brilliant Drake State graduating Scholars, Lashanna Turner & Andrea Berry!  Your hard work and determination has paid off! Your future is bright to become the leaders we already know you are!
FROM:The WEDC Foundation

TO: Feaundra Walker
Congratulations to my big sister, Feaundra Walker! I am beyond proud of you for conquering one of your biggest goals in life. I always knew that you could and would do it. Keep that fire burning inside of you and let it be a light to guide you to and through your next ventures in life. As you enter into your next chapter, remember that with trust in God, you will ALWAYS triumph in times of doubt. I love you and BEST WISHES to the Class of 2020!!! Your cheerleader for life, Taneidra.